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  • Stacy Lynne Wendkos

The Investment Behind Fine Art Horse Photography

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The Investment Behind Fine Art Horse Photography

A Deeper Look into the Costs.

Creating photographic horse art is a meticulous process that demands significant resources, both in terms of equipment and expertise. As a professional equine photographer, the commitment goes beyond merely capturing moments – it involves the cultivation of a unique piece of art tailored to stand the test of time.

Investment in Quality Equipment.

The journey begins with a substantial financial investment in high-quality equipment. While basic kits are available, professionals recognize that superior tools contribute to superior results. Cameras, lenses, and associated gear represent a substantial upfront cost. Additionally, the indispensable computers, hardware, and software, and utilities needed for editing, viewing, and sharing images add to the overall expenditure. Much like a vehicle depreciates with each mile, photographic equipment faces a similar fate with every click of the shutter.

Continuous Learning and Training.

Photographers undergo extensive training to master their craft, a process that often involves formal education, courses, and continuous self-improvement. The evolving landscape of photography necessitates staying abreast of new techniques, processes, and technologies. The commitment of time and effort to acquire and refine skills is as crucial an investment as the monetary outlay on equipment.

Travel and Depreciation Costs.

Beyond the studio or home base, photographers frequently travel to different locations for shoots. This incurs expenses related to vehicle depreciation, fuel costs, and sometimes accommodation. The willingness to travel considerable distances to meet clients' needs is part of the dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Understanding Client Vision. Before a single photo is taken, equine photographers invest time in understanding clients' preferences and expectations. Whether clients desire bonding photos, artistic captures, or images for online sharing or wall displays, photographers draw on their knowledge and training to translate these visions into tangible art.

Meticulous Editing Process.

The post-shoot phase involves meticulous editing. Sorting through images, discarding imperfect shots, and making initial adjustments all demand careful attention. Editing intensifies when preparing images for print, requiring meticulous scrutiny of details. Every element, from intricate details like ensuring the sparkle of blingy browbands to removing dust and imperfections (including eye and nose boogers), consumes considerable time to ensure perfection, especially for large print sizes.

Passion Meets Professionalism.

While driven by passion for their craft and a love for their equine subjects, fine art horse photographers recognize that their work is both a passion and a profession. This dual nature underscores the importance of compensating for the time, skill, and resources invested in creating enduring works of art.

In conclusion, fine art horse photography is a labor-intensive process that extends beyond the visible act of pressing the shutter button. The amalgamation of financial investments, continuous learning, travel, and an unwavering commitment to perfection underlines the intricacies and costs involved in crafting timeless photographic art.

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